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This is too ridiculous not to post

You just can’t keep a bad man down. A new zombie movie features Osama bin Laden returning from the dead to lead fellow decomposing terrorists in a battle against the United States.


This Is All Kinds Of Wrong of the Day: [Trigger warning: Child abuse] Footage of a four-year-old boy from Nanjing, China, being forced to run through the snowy streets of NYC in his underwear — at times even told to lie down — was uploaded online by the boy’s father.

According to the man’s assistant, the boy, Duo Duo, was born prematurely and had a variety of ailments, but thanks to a tough regimen of strength training he is no longer sick.

In the video the boy can be seen crying and begging his father to pick him up, leading many to conclude that child is being abused. “You are torturing your child,” said one commenter. “”Why didn’t you run with your son naked too? You are crazy!” said another.

His assistant, however, defended the self-proclaimed “Eagle Dad” (a male equivalent of Amy Chua’s “Tiger Mom”), saying that he agreed to run and even warmed up before with “slow running,” and “the fact that the child lived showed that he has tenacious vitality.”

[telegraph / eastday / video: arbroath.]

Fuck this kid’s father.  He is a child.  Just because he “agreed” to it doesn’t make it alright.  ”Strength Training”????  He’s FOUR.